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Sydney City Mechanical Services can design, install and maintain a commercial ventilation system to suit a variety of purposes.


Sydney City Mechanical Services can install and maintain an efficient state-of-the-art air-conditioning system for your property.


Sydney City Mechanical Services can install and maintain a quality commercial heating system.

As a specialist HVAC company, our services encompass the complete delivery of a HVAC project. We have capacity to design and construct large scale mechanical services projects across Sydney.

Our project delivery includes playing an active role in design from the early stages of a project (working in collaboration with other trades where needed), through to coordination, construction and finally practical completion, commissioning and handing over.

Our HVAC capabilities include various air conditioning systems. We’re equipped to design and install VRV DX air conditioning systems, chilled water systems and condensed water systems. Often, we combine the different air conditioning systems to yield a cost effective and energy efficient solution.

Furthermore, our experience has enabled us to undertake a variety of large construction projects such as office buildings (with a NABERS energy rating of 5.5) and high rise apartment buildings.

On the ventilation side, we offer a complete solution to satisfy Australian Standards requirements. We often install retail kitchen exhaust systems, carpark ventilation systems, stair pressurization and lobby smoke relief systems among other building service ventilation systems.

Sydney City Mechanics Services

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Sydney City Fabrications

Further to our HVAC business, which is our core business. Sydney City Mechanical has the capability to manufacture ductwork not only for its own projects but for those of others, through Sydney City Fabrications. Sydney City Fabrications is equipped to also install its own ductwork.