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Sydney City Mechanical Services uses strong and durable materials and employs the highest standard of installation techniques on-site.

25 Years Experience

Over the past 25 years, Sydney City Mechanical Services has become a major player in the HVAC industry.

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Rest assured that you are getting the best value every time with Sydney City Mechanical Services.

Sydney City Mechanical has been established since 1994. Over the past 25 years, SCM has grown to become a main player in the HVAC industry, providing services to sizable projects, including residential buildings up to 40 stories in height.

Sydney City Mechanical delivers complete HVAC projects, beginning at tendering stage through to handing over at practical completion, and encompassing all facets of the project, such as code-compliant design, procurement and installation.

Quality has been at the forefront of Sydney City Mechanical’s project delivery strategy, with both quality materials and quality installation techniques employed on-site. The quality of Sydney City Mechanical’s installation is a core reason behind more project referrals and thus the continued growth of the company.

Sydney City Mechanical is well versed in the delivery of a wide range of HVAC services. Air conditioning systems include air-cooled single-split, multi-split and VRV air conditioning systems as well as their water-cooled equivalents. Water-cooled systems also encompass the use of cooling towers, chillers, and boilers.

On the ventilation side, Sydney City Mechanical is experienced in the ventilation of carparks, lobbies, miscellaneous building services rooms, stairwell pressurization, retail kitchen rangehoods as well as domestic rangehoods (apartments), bathroom and en-suite ventilation.

All their HVAC installation is complete with their respective mechanical switchboards and wiring. Clients can also benefit from a Building Management and Control System (BMCS) that can be programmed to monitor and control not only their own HVAC systems, but those of other trades, such as hydraulics, electrical and lifts. Such systems can provide internet-based reporting and control, such as energy consumption and control over the operation of various systems.

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